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Elon Musk explained why we are cyborgs already

Elon Musk explained why we are cyborgs already

Elon Musk took part in the conference on artificial intelligence, the fascinating event was hosted by the Future of Life Institute. This structure’s aim is the promoting positive and optimistic visions of the future.

Elon Musk and his speech in the conference ‘Superintelligence: Science or Fiction?’ caused a hot discussion, which was led by Max Tegmark, an MIT cosmologist. In his speech, Musk drew the attention of the colleagues and guests to the fact that human today is already a cyborg. Using the computer application is just extending the power of any human being.

Elon told a lot about the artificial intelligence as well, the inventor sees the AI future as inevitable, with dangers to be mitigated through government regulation, as much as he dislikes the idea of them being a ‘bit of a buzzkill’. Elon Musk believes that people are already cyborgs by utilizing ‘machine extensions’ of ourselves like smartphones and computers.

“By far you have more power, more capability, than the President of the United States had 30 years ago. If you have an Internet link you have an article of wisdom, you can communicate to millions of people, you can communicate to the rest of Earth instantly. I mean, these are magical powers that didn’t exist, not that long ago. So everyone is already superhuman, and a cyborg,”

explains Musk.

The American inventor shared his positive view of the AI, according to Musk, we need already to create the closer integration between man and computer.