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Erdogan declares victory in historic Turkish referendum

Erdogan declares victory in historic Turkish referendum

Turkey voted for the extending the President’s power, on Monday, Recep Erdogan declared the victory in a referendum.

The people of Turkey made its choice on Sunday referendum in favour of the “Turkish style” presidential system. Since now, the prime ministerial power planned to be abolished and replaced with a presidential scheme. The highly-contentious issue concerned the Turkish voters a lot.

According to the official data of the referendum, the Turkish leader has officially declared his victory after the vote having won 51.3% of ballots cast. About 80% of registered Turkish voters turned out on Sunday to have their say on this important issue.

TurkeyfireworksTurkey, referendum, and opposition’s opinion

the opposition circles argued the proposed regime change would lead to a more autocratic style of ruling the country. According to opponents, it looks like the one-man rule and hinders Turkey’s chances of joining the European Union.

The foreign minister described the referendum’s result as the birth of a “truly new Turkey”, which will bring the prosperity in a country, strengths its stability.

After revealing the results’ counting, there were several protests: in Istanbul neighbourhoods, police registered banging pots and pans from their windows in protest at the result. Moreover, three people died after a fight outside a polling station on Sunday.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared victory on Sunday.


The changes would come into effect with the next general elections, scheduled for 2019. As a matter of fact, the history shows that a changing of Constitution or structure of the state power happen time to time in every country.

Opponents fear reform will lead to autocratic rule.