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First COVAX delivery arrives in Egypt

First COVAX delivery arrives in Egypt

The first COVAX delivery arrived at Cairo Airport on Thursday, according to Ambassador Christian Berger.

The assistance of Team Europe has helped to mobilise €2.2 billion to the COVAX facility, providing 1 out of 3 of the COVID-19 vaccines shipments. Additional support comes from the European member states. With support from the European Union and its financial bodies, the North African nation could accelerate its national inoculation programme.

“Egypt COVAX delivery is a testimony to the EU’s strong and strategic partnership with Egypt. No one is safe until everyone is safe. We will come out stronger, together with our Egyptian friends,” ambassador Berger said.

Team Europe proved its solidarity with Egypt amid the toughest-ever times, EUneighbours has learned. A complex fight against the COVID-19 infection required international assistance, immediate and well-coordinated.

Since March 2020, Team Europe has provided the framework for a coordinated COVID19 response in Egypt, mobilising €1.8 bn in grants, loans and guarantees to help mitigate the impact of the outbreak in response to the immediate health crisis and the resulting socio-economic and sanitary needs.