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France Louvre museum prepares to reopen

France Louvre museum prepares to reopen

The world-famous Louvre museum is ready to reopen after months of virus lockdown. The first visitors will be welcomed on July 6, the official statement says.

Being a home to the hundreds of the art pieces such as Mona Lisa, Louvre Museum is to reopen in a couple of weeks after President Macron allowed museums and historic sites to reopen their doors.

While France is recovering from the coronavirus and its consequences, the ministry of culture does its best to revive the interest in the art. Following the COVID-19 shutdown, the EU country lost billions due to the zero flow of the tourists.

In mid-May, Edouard Philip’s government announced its intentions to further ease restrictions imposed to cope with the novel pathogen from Tuesday. According to the French Cabinet’s plans, the reopening will only be in July that many top museums and attractions reopen, although some plans to do so in June.

Museums to reopen with the new health protocol

Culture Minister Franck Riester confirmed on Friday that wearing a mask would be obligatory for visiting a museum across the country. As Riester noted, relaunching the raison-d’etre of museums. Now, after the long and senseless self-isolation period of time, people need a meeting with art that is sensitive and real. “A meeting with art, with beauty, can heal our souls,” the minister added.

In its recent statement, Louvre said that the implementation of a reservation system, as well as new signs, will allow us to offer maximum safety to our visitors, in addition to wearing a mask and respecting social distancing.

It added that online reservations for visiting the Louvre when it reopens on July 6 would open on June 15. The Louvre has been closed since March 13.

“Even if we were able to discover the treasures of the Louvre in a virtual way during the lockdown, nothing can replace the emotion of meeting a work in a real way,” said the Louvre’s director Jean-Luc Martinez.