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France to fix colonial past in Algeria

France to fix colonial past in Algeria

French President Emmanuel Macron promised on Monday to continue fixing the colonial past by signing of a ‘recognition and reparation’ bill. It is for hundreds of thousands of Harkis who fought for France in Algeria’s war of independence, RT said.

Macron’s predecessor, Francois Hollande, previously accepted the responsibilities of French governments in the abandonment of the Harkis. However, no concrete legislation was announced to address Paris colonial history.

Emmanuel Macron has introduced certain steps in direction of the legislation on Monday. In his address, the leader said he will seek to ensure that France engages in “recognition and reparation” of “neglected” Harkis.

Commenting on the new legislation, Macron gave no details, however, the presidential office confirmed ahead of the speech that it will serve as a “new step necessary in terms of recognizing the failures toward the Harkis.” Around 300 individuals attended Macron’s speech, mainly Harkis and their families who survived the conflict, with the announcement coming days before National Harkis Day, which commemorates those who served alongside the French Army.

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Harkis are Muslim Algerians who served in the French Army during the Algerian War of Independence from 1954 to 1962. The conflict resulted in hundreds of thousands of Algerian casualties and displaced more than two million citizens.

Officials also stated that it will seek to recognize “the failure of the French republic to live up to its own standards.”

Harki organizations have called on the French leader to ensure that legislation recognizing their treatment is enshrined by the end of the year. the veterans and their families hope that the new legislation will end “60 years of a certain hypocrisy by which the abandoning of the Harkis is recognized in speeches, but not in the law.”