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French MP calls for mice-hunting cats at presidential palace

French MP calls for mice-hunting cats at presidential palace

Aurore Bergé, one of the MPs of Macron’s party, urged to allow cats to deal with a mouse invasion in the official residence of the President of France, La Republic reported. The rats and mice are as much a part of the city as the Eiffel Tower, Le Moulin Rouge and even Elysee Palace and the National Assembly.

Ms Bergé, the 31-year-old cat-loving MP is campaigning for felines to be allowed into Palais de l’Elysée to get rid of mice and rats. These rodents are believed to easily outnumber Parisians and their numbers keep increasing, to the point where last December the government welcomed cats into some of their prestigious ministries to ‘fix’ the dangerous infestation.

According to MP Bergé,  the premises of both Elysee Palace and the National Assembly urgently need a cat to fight the mice incursion. A few of MPs of Macron’s party are pushing for this to happen because there are far too many mice in the historical buildings.

Aurore Bergé is known for her irony, she caused a stir in 2017 after wearing a revealing dress during a television appearance, isn’t just interested in getting cats into France’s most important government buildings. Being a party spokesperson and a cat owner herself, Ms Berge is actively campaigning for pet cats to roam the presidential corridors for their therapeutic qualities, presumably as a way of helping politicians de-stress and relax.