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Germany eases covid restrictions in some states

Germany eases covid restrictions in some states

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that the country’s 16 states agreed to relax measures. As the lockdown continues, the social health protocol becomes more flexible, LBC News has learned.

On Wednesday, Angela Merkel and the state governors decided to set out a phased plan that allows for some further relaxation of restrictions.

The EU country is extending its covid19 lockdown until March 28 but easing some rules to allow non-essential stores and other businesses to reopen in areas with relatively low infection rates.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the governors of the country’s 16 states have long talks, after a nine-hour-long discussion, they have finally elaborated a decision. The parties have agreed on Wednesday to measures aimed at balancing concern over the impact of more contagious COVID-19 strains with a growing clamour for a return to a more normal life.

The first moves have already been made, as many younger pupils returned to school last week. On Monday, hairdressers opened after a two-and-a-half-month break.

The German regions where infection rates are relatively low, in fact. After relaxing some measures, they will be able to open non-essential stores, museums and other facilities on a limited basis.