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Germany set to lift travel warning for parts of Spain, Portugal

Germany set to lift travel warning for parts of Spain, Portugal

Germany has sent out a clear signal that Easter holidays in the sun could be back on by lifting existing travel warning for popular tourist spots on the Iberian coast, Spiegel reports.

This year, Mallorca and several other touristic zones located in Portugal and Spain could be available for Germans next month. Despite the pandemic, Germany decided that Mallorca and the entire Balearic archipelago will no longer be considered risk areas for travel.

Starting on Sunday, the above-mentioned territories with a vastly improved epidemiological situation becomes open for tourists, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) statement said. On Friday, RKI refreshed the regions that no longer had enough infections to be considered risk areas.

Mallorca to welcome soon the tourists from Germany

On Balearic islands like Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, the week incidence has dropped to 21 infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a period of one week. As an illustration, the threshold for classification as a risk area by the RKI is 50.

A couple of months ago, the Balearic zone had some of the highest levels of infection in Spain, but the islands now have fewer cases than any region of Germany.