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Hillary Clinton And The UFO Issue

Hillary Clinton And The UFO Issue

The issue of UFOs is one of the most confusing areas of society. For almost 70 years people around the world have been reporting these incidents where strange craft are seen soaring through the skies at unusual speeds and maneuverability. Some even claim that these craft are piloted by non-human entities who may come from other planets or other star systems. Since the presidency of Harry S. Truman, each president of the US has been asked about the UFO issue and now, Hillary Clinton, democratic frontrunner for the 2016 presidential election has taken up the mantle.

It was during a campaign stop in New Hampshire last week that Clinton ran into a reporter who had asked her about UFOs back in 2007. Repeating his request, Clinton took the chance to embellish on her understanding of the issue as well as the fruitless efforts of high officials like her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton had asked several of his top advisors and aides to dig into the UFO subject and all were met with stonewalling by government agencies. Clinton’s top security clearances did him no avail in this, thus deepening the matter much to the disappointment of Clinton and the public at large.

UFOs are the most top secret issue regarding the United States government and associated defense and commerce industries. No other subject is so protected by government and the American public is at a loss to find out why. Foreign governments have released 100s of thousands of files including Iran where several astonishing UFO events took place, all captured and recorded by military and government assets. China has the largest group of professional UFO investigators in the world, passing laws that only certified professionals in the sciences and research are allowed to investigate and disseminate data on UFOs, however, the United States still imposes draconian procedures toward anyone who brings up the subject and makes any waves. It’s due primarily to the ridicule factor. The government actually agreed to employ people to ridicule UFO researchers and private citizens and it goes all the way back to the early 1950s where the government acknowledged that some UFOs were interplanetary craft but that if the public focused too much attention on them, it would take away resources from the military/industrial complex which was the government’s bread and butter.

Clinton may unleash Podesta again to find out what can be gleaned regarding UFOs, however, without a solid and large resource database to draw from, Podesta is up against insurmountable odds. Research and investigation by the public has brought forth a frightening series of scenarios that don’t necessarily promote extraterrestrial invasion, but more events in which Constitutional rights have been trampled by government on a massive scale which the UFO data has revealed. So far, no physical proof of any extraterrestrial contact having been made in the past or present on Earth has been presented to the public that has been scientifically tested and peer reviewed. It’s not saying there isn’t any, but at present, the ET issue is still a dangerously speculative one.

Bringing up the UFO issue could be a detriment to Clinton. Not from the public but from the powers that be who are still engaged in stopping anyone from getting to the hard data. It’s doubtful this time, however, that these secret agencies will be able to use the ridicule factor against Clinton so their best tactic is to just hide and stonewall because history has shown not even a Presidential or Congressional order can get them to cooperate.

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