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Idris Elba set to become 1st ever black James Bond

Idris Elba set to become 1st ever black James Bond

Idris Elba takes the baton from Daniel Craig, insists oo7 producer Barbara Broccoli who has launched a high-profile project to demystify the white skin colour of Bond character. 

Daniel Craig, the veteran of James Bond franchise, will be replaced with the popular British actor Idris Elba. The 100 streets star is the favourite in the upcoming casting, and Barbara Broccoli believes that appearance of Elba is just a perfect message for her crusade. She noted:

“We live in a diverse society and it is vital both culturally and commercially that our industry reflects this in front of and behind the camera.”

She has joined forces with Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy in her mission to even things up.

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James Bond and Work Foundation campaign

Together Barbara and Kathleen are heading a £20million campaign after a report uncovered a “pandemic makers and stars are put off the industry because they think it is a “closed shop”. According to the statement of the Work Foundation, it’s time to stop a culture of nepotism, which was holding back many ethnic minority filmmakers:

“If you don’t have the right network it is incredibly difficult to get in and progress.”

The British Film Institute is ready to spend £20m to kick-start the plan to “demystify” the movie world, seems to be that its campaign will be a really powerful tool for changing the cinema dome.

Meanwhile, Idris Elba prefers not to waste the time, the actor made his directorial debut with hard-hitting new film Yardie back where it all began in Jamaica. Victor Headley’s 1992 novel is a base for the drama, which chronicles the misadventures of a Jamaican youth who arrives in London in the early 1980s with a tonne of ambition and a kilo of cocaine.