The conception of Hyperloop says that it is an absolutely new word in transportation but it cost a lot, too. So how much cheaper will Hyperloop One if applied it to the Nordic Loop project? Can be its price comparable and reasonable to the high-speed rail?

Hyperloop One connection between Stockholm and Helsinki will require solid investments. E.g., the per-kilometer cost of this loop stands at the $40 million point. It’s easy to compare with another project’s figures. The World Bank calculated a cost per km for Californian High-Speed rail project (slower and less efficient than Hyperloop) as $56 million. The question arose: is Hyperloop One cheaper than high-speed rail?

Will the cost of Hyperloop in Europe reasonable?An accountancy firm KMPG prepared a study on the costs for the FS Links. which push an idea of Nordic Loop. Finland and Sweden, of course, may be connected via plastic vacuum tubes, but this construction will consist of three distinct part. Such a complexity makes the investors boring and suspicious at the same time.

In other words, it’s hard to believe that Hyperloop One will appear in Scandinavia in a foreseeable future, say the experts.