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Italy train catastrophe: 35 killed near Bari

Italy train catastrophe: 35 killed near Bari

According to the latest data from the site of catastrophe between the coastal towns of Bari and Barletta, Italy, leaves 35 passengers dead. The head-on collision of two trains caused a death of 35 people and injures for dozen passengers. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi returned to Rome, being interrupted a trip to Milan after shocking news.

Emergency services right now are trying to free passengers who left locked in the wrecked carriages after the collision of two trains near Bari. The two trains were on a single-track line at the time of the crash, informed local police chief Riccardo Zingaro.

The priority is the most extensively damaged carriages, say the firefighters and police, who are working on the site of catastrophe. The tragic collision happened in good weather conditions today at 09:30 GMT in the southern region of Apulia. According to the local prosecutor’s preliminary conclusion, possibly, there was a human error, which led to the tragedy.

Italy collision led to the death of 35 passengers

Both trains were travelling at high speed, every had four carriages. The local fire service showed an image of the wreckage strewn across a large area. Rescue team set up a field mobile hospital at the scene of a crash, which cares for wounded passengers of crashed Italy trains.