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Italy’s football heroes return after Euro 2020 triumph

Italy’s football heroes return after Euro 2020 triumph

Italy welcomed a national team, which brings back to the country a European Championship trophy. Rome was in delirium in the wake of a dramatic victory when Italy defeated England on penalties to secure their victory since 1968.

The Italians were welcomed back home in spectacular style on Monday after beating England to win Euro 2020 at Wembley. The victory plunged London into despair as Rome rejoiced.

Stepping on the Italian soil, Giorgio Chiellini, the 36-year-old Italy captain, and coach Roberto Mancini lifted the trophy aloft after the team touched down in Rome with “Azzurri” fans chanting “We’re the champions of Europe!”

The team and coaching staff joined PM Mario Draghi, before a meeting with President Sergio Mattarella who came personally to Wembley to watch a historical match.

“I’m not a [soccer] pundit,” the president confessed at the Quirinal presidential palace as he greeted the team. “But I thought you deserved the victory well beyond whatever happened during the penalty shootout.”

Commenting on the 2020 success, Coach Mancini warmly thanked Mattarella: “Let me thank you for being our number one fan. We saw you exult, that gave us much pleasure.”

On Sunday, Azzuri went on to defeat England, 3-2 on penalties, and prolong their opponents’ 55-year wait for a second major title. For the Italians, it was the second time they have been crowned European champions. The first trophy they won in 1968, DW reports.