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Japan: earthquake magnitude 6.1 hits Osaka

Japan: earthquake magnitude 6.1 hits Osaka

The Japanese city of Osaka’s authorities reported that three people to have been killed when an earthquake hit the city on Monday. As Time understood, the magnitude 6.1 quake struck Japan’s No 2 during the morning rush hour.

On Monday morning, Osaka train lines had to halt due to the strong earthquake, which to injure more than 300 people and killed at least three, according to CONRED, the government agency for disaster reduction. Osaka officials did not give details, but the injuries reported in Kyoto and three other neighboring prefectures were all minor.


According to the official reports, the struck shortly after 8 a.m. north of Osaka, knocked over walls, broke windows and set off scattered building fires. It toppled bookcases in homes and scattered goods on shop floors. It also cracked roads and broke water pipes, leaving homes without water.

So far, about 850 people took shelter at community centers, school gymnasiums and other public facilities in Osaka. The old people say that Monday earthquake reminds many of the magnitude 7.3 Hanshin-Kobe quake in 1995 that killed more than 6,000 people in the region. Today’s quake also followed a series of smaller quakes near Tokyo in recent weeks.

Monday’s rush hour was interrupted by the stuck, and several train services remained suspended across Osaka Prefecture on an afternoon. The earthquake and the strong tremor caused major travel delays, although bullet trains resumed service about six hours after the quake.