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Japan military seeks record budget after NK missile

Japan military seeks record budget after NK missile

A North Korean missile that flew over Japan on Tuesday made the Japan military ask for higher budget.

Japanese Prime Minister denounced the launch as a serious and unprecedented threat. That’s why Shinzo Abe continued to expand the role of his pacifist country’s Self-Defence Forces – the stakes are too high.

The defence ministry of Japan will request its largest-ever annual budget, over five straight years country is increasing its military budget. The territorial tensions with China also aggravate Japan’s security concerns and made the country to spend more funds for the military purposes.

Japanese defence minister

On Thursday, the defence ministry will ask for increasing its budget, the recent North Korean aggressive action (Pyongyang has fired a rocket over the country in a provocation) drew global condemnation and made Japanese defence ministry ask for 5.26 trillion yen ($47.9 billion) for the fiscal year through March 2019 to beef up its missile defence.

On Thursday morning, the Japanese prime minister agreed with US President Donald Trump to increase pressure on North Korea. Both leaders had a phone conversation, while Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera spoke with his US counterpart Jim Mattis.

Japan is closely allied with the US on security issues and hosts American bases and tens of thousands of troops on its territory, which North Korea considers a threat.