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Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton criticize election rhetoric

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton criticize election rhetoric

Two former Presidents of the U.S. met on Tuesday in Atlanta, they’ve discussed the current election. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter appeared onstage together, and the 42nd president asking the 39th on a global US political movements. Both Presidents criticize election rhetoric as well. 

Former Presidents of the U.S. had an open discussion last night in Atlanta, this event closed out the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual America meeting. Mainly, two politicians have changed their points of views on the current political situation, a lot of the time Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton spent on discussion US election 2016. And it’s not too surprising because one of them is married on the Dem. candidate.

Neither specifically mentioned presumptive nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton took pains not to, advising Carter “don’t say anything about America” after asking him to discuss “harsh rhetoric” in politics. Human rights and corruption issues became one of tension points in the conversation, too. Carter blasted a proposal by a major candidate as “the violation of human rights.” He didn’t plunge into the details but blamed the “radical nature” of political campaigns in the U.S. and abroad.

Two Presidents’ conversation event took 50 minutes, and during all this time Clinton asked many questions to 91-year-old Jimmy Carter, who answered all of them.