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John McCain diagnosed with brain tumour

John McCain diagnosed with brain tumour

John McCain, a Vietnam veteran hero and Senator, faces his toughest battle. The aggressive brain tumour was removed from McCain’s brain at the Mayo Clinic on Friday. 

The spokesperson for Senator John McCain confirmed that the surgery was successful – the glioblastoma, or brain tumour, was removed. The 80-year-old patient is at home now, he is going to recover with the help of complex treatment.

Arizona  Senator is known as the fighter, this man always lived for the fight. After the surgery, McCain is facing his toughest battle – cancer tumour glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive tumours, which is hard to treat.

A surgery gives a hope for the recovering, now, the brave Vietnam veteran and political warrior wants to get back to work after his surgery nearly a week ago and has been working the phones.

McCain about his surgery and further plans

During his long political career, John McCain collected more enemies and friends, this brave man is a certified national hero and very experienced politician. McCain plans to get back to the work as soon as possible. The only restriction for the next couple of weeks is the travelling.

Now, his movements could be curtailed further by treatments that could include chemotherapy and radiation. Arizona Senator (R) thanked the doctors whose excellent skills and vision gave the biggest hope in the life:

“He is grateful to the doctors and staff at Mayo Clinic for their outstanding care, and is confident that any future treatment will be effective.”

The 80-year-old politician is in “good spirits” now, he is recovering at home. The complex treatment including chemotherapy and radiotherapy should help to win the fight with a brain tumour.