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Kanye West holds chaotic opening of 2020 presidential bid

Kanye West holds chaotic opening of 2020 presidential bid

Kanye West’s first rally for his 2020 presidential bid on Sunday was very controversial. It is still not clear, whether the US rapper is seriously going to fight for the highest post in the country, CGTN reports.

Kanye West was breaking down in tears while delivering a rambling speech on Sunday, during his first 2020 presidential bid. The meant-to-be political event lasted for about one hour at a Charleston wedding venue and convention center in South Carolina.

In its efforts to become a political figure, the 43-year-old rapper denounced abortion, saying that there should be legal and financial incentives to help struggling mothers avoid the practice. The singer has even recalled how his parents wanted to abort him.

During the chaotic event, West ranted against historical figure Harriet Tubman, drawing opposition among some of the attendees. “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people,” Kim Kardashian’s husband said.

Mr West’s event was for registered guests only, and attendees were required to sign a COVID-19 liability release form as well as wear a face mask, according to U.S. media Deadline. It was live-streamed on YouTube.

Kanye West to collect 10,000 signatures by noon on Monday

West first announced his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election on July 4, when he was already past the deadlines to qualify for the ballot in several states. According to Associated Press, Kim’s husband needed to collect 10,000 signatures by noon on Monday to appear on the South Carolina ballot.

Sunday event didn’t make clear the real intentions of the celebrity. It still remains a mystery whether the rapper is taking the bid seriously or merely as a publicity stunt for selling his albums or clothing items. The South Carolina rally did little to clarify the situation.

Earlier, Kanye posted a list of songs on his upcoming new album, which, according to the post, is expected to be released on Friday. However, the post has now been deleted from his Twitter account. Surely, there’s speculation that the rally is only another eye-catching promotion for the new album.