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London: all black cabs accept contactless payments now

London: all black cabs accept contactless payments now

London transport is fully-equipped with the devices for contactless payment. Now, all the city’s black cabs are contactless, it lets passengers pay for any journey using a credit card. The expansion of Uber made the trusty black cab’s fight against it, and contactless payment is an additional argument in this fighting.

London fleet becomes more comfortable in the terms of paying for any journey. The black cabs just got extra firepower — giving customers the ability to pay with contactless methods.

The London’s fleet’s steady modernisation is on its way, in February 2016, TfL promised to make all black cab ‘compatible’ with the card payments.Moreover, the TfL has specified that payment devices need to be installed in the passenger compartment from January 2017.

According to the London mayor Sadiq Khan, the accepting contactless payments by the classic city’s black cabs would make the “journeys quicker and more convenient”. Starting from November, the London’s taxi drivers expect “an increase in card-paying passengers” thanks to the greater digital convenience.