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Madonna teases US launch of her skincare line MDNA Skin

Madonna teases US launch of her skincare line MDNA Skin

Madonna, the 58-year-old legend, has launched her own cosmetics business MDNA Skin in Japan in 2014, so far the Middle East region has a lot of cosmetics corner but there is none in the USA. In December, the singer and businesswoman teased the Americans with expanding her MDNA Skin in the US.

Madonna announced on Instagram that she is going to expand to the US her MDNA Skin cosmetics, the brand was warmly welcomed in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Now, it’s a hot time for appearing the cosmetic line in the United States, decided Madonna. Last December, the pop star filmed a series of videos about the products and why she likes them.

The products have never been available outside of Asia but there is still no exact global launch date for MDNA Skin. The site contains no info regarding the US expansion rather gives a Store List in Asia. ‘Madonna teases too long!’ claim the American cosmetistas.

'Coming to America!' The Women's Marcher will also soon launch MDNA SKIN in the States after releasing the skincare/cosmetics line in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

MDNA Skin cosmetic line

Madonna’s skin wasn’t perfect, confessed the star, so there were no cosmetics that could totally satisfy her epidermis’ needs. That is why the singer decided to create her own care and decorative cosmetic line. Madonna added:

‘Throughout my entire career, people have given me skincare products that I didn’t like – moisturizers that are too greasy, facial cleansers that dry out my skin too much, serums that when I put them on my face, I can’t put make-up on afterwards. So I decided I wanted to develop a skincare line that I would actually use. So that is how it all began.’

So far, MDNA Skin consists of six products, a face wash ($40 about), rose mist toner, serum ($220 about), eye serum, eye mask and clay mask/skin rejuvenator.

MDNA Skin line: clay mask, eye serum, face serum, face wash, mist and rejuventor