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Magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits Chile

Magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits Chile

The quake struck at 10.32pm local time (01.31GMT) about 9.7 miles southwest of Coquimbo, Chile. Magnitude 6.7 earthquake was confirmed by the United States Geological Survey.

Coquimbo government officials said that two people have died as a result of the magnitude 6.7 quake, which hit the coast of north-central Chile on Saturday evening. According to the USGS, an epicentre was some 15 kilometres southwest of Coquimbo, the first quake struck was registered at 10:32 pm local time with a depth of 53 km.

Some were also concerned about the threat of a tsunami, however, the quake was a relatively shallow tremor. It rattled buildings in the capital city of Santiago and was felt in Valparaiso, O’Higgins, as well as in Atacama and Coquimbo up north.

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit the coast of northern Chile caused buildings to shake and fears of a possible tsunami, confirmed the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre. The geologists have cancelled the threat of a tsunami after the earthquake magnitude.

In Chile, even after such natural disasters like an earthquake the death and destruction are limited by strict construction codes especially designed to withstand earthquakes. Local population used to know how to act in an emergency situation, say the local authorities.