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McCartney: ‘I can’t believe I was one of The Beatles’

McCartney: ‘I can’t believe I was one of The Beatles’

Sir Paul McCartney, the most successful British musician and songwriter, still doesn’t believe that he personally was one of the Liverpool Four. The Beatles history and McCartney’s one tied very close, indeed.

Time to time, Paul McCartney’s memory has some lapses, often the musician thinks that he was one of The Beatles — and isn’t able to realise that. That is the history, and McCartney is 75 years old. Despite his age, the songwriter and musician is doing the great music and is going to realise one more tour to Australia this December.

In fact, the life of Sir Paul McCratney is full of stories, the figures are enough to warrant cranial expansion: 800 million albums sold by The Beatles alone; 30 American No. 1 singles; 2200 cover versions of ‘Yesterday’; 21 Grammy awards; and a fortune estimated to be more than $1 billion.

Despite all these titles and awards, Sir Paul remains the music world’s most modest genius.

Paul McCartney’s life and music

This year marks the 60th anniversary of a 15-year-old McCartney joining The Quarrymen, a band started by John Lennon. In 1960, they renamed themselves The Beatles and went on to change not just the way music was made — but literally change the world.

‘So when you think of those real humble beginnings, of the two of us showing each other the little songs we’d written, then starting to write together, it is amazing that we carried on and went from strength to strength,’

said the British singer of earlier attempts to do the good music in The Beatles.

Obviously, McCratney is really very proud of the result of their joint work with Lennon and other Beatles’ members.

‘I can’t believe my luck. Not only did I get to do it for a living, I ended up being pretty good at it,’

the legend added and promised to come to Australia this December.