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Melania Trump is more popular than Donald Trump, still less popular than Michelle Obama

Melania Trump is more popular than Donald Trump, still less popular than Michelle Obama

First Lady of the US isn’t as unpopular as her husband, President but she’s not as popular as her predecessor. According to the recent Rasmussen poll, American people adored Michelle Obama, so, Melania Trump has to intensify her efforts to charm the public.

The Americans like their first lady but not so much as her predecessor, Michelle Obama. A Rasmussen poll published Wednesday shows that 53 percent Americans liked FLOTUS after her first year of her husband’s presidency. Michelle Obama had higher results – 68 percent in January when she and President Obama departed the White House.

On Thursday, a Pew Research Center survey released new data – President Trump’s approval rating fell to 32 percent, the lowest it has been in his 11-month presidency thus far. Consequently, the first lady is more popular than her husband. The data of a recent AOL poll says that 36 percent of people polled at the end of November had an unfavourable opinion of Trump and 11 percent were undecided.

The first lady can take some solace in the fact that her husband is way more disliked. For Melania, the way to the White House was rather long, she could start her FLOTUS public duties six months after the inauguration. During this transitional period of time, Melania has experienced difficulties steering her first ladyship because of her husband’s often incendiary and brash approach to policy and careless use of social media. Mrs Trump has, for example, been heavily criticized for promoting anti-bullying while President Trump continues to attack rivals on Twitter.

Despite the mesage that Melania Trump would like to spend Christmas on a deserted island with her family, the first lady has already finished the Christmas preparation in the White House, the experts find that was done with taste and in a very elegant way.