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Melbourne, Sydney slam door on migrants

Melbourne, Sydney slam door on migrants

Australia’s largest cities like Melbourne and Sydney is going to ban new migrants from living there because the raising migrants’ flow alleviates pressure on schools, healthcare, roads, public transport and housing, The Times reported.

Since 2019, Australia will ban the migrants to live in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Australia’s third biggest source of new arrivals will be affected by the change, migrants would be “allocated” to a smaller town or city in their adopted country. In such places, they would have to spend up to five years in an attempt also to rebalance growth towards places that are suffering population stagnation or decline.

Alan Tudge, the population minister, has presented the plan of changes, which help the government to impose visa conditions on tens of thousands of applicants. According to the plan, new migrants may have to live in rural areas. Currently, about two-fifths of Australia’s 25 million people live in Sydney and Melbourne.

The migrant flow’s increasing has been driven largely by migration, with most people settling in the best places of the country: Melbourne, Sydney and south-east Queensland, said the Migration Office. That has contributed to infrastructure and congestion problems, with Melbourne and Sydney each expected to exceed eight million residents by 2030.

The critics of the new plan emphasized that a new plan is not helpful because migrants will gravitate to opportunities and amenities in cities. For the authorities, it’s not possible to set the condition without substantial resources, both identifying breaches and sanctioning them.