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Merkel backs WHO

Merkel backs WHO

The German chancellor continues to support the embattled World Health Organization. Angela Merkel’s point of view on the UN body’s activity looks totally different from Donald Trump’s one, AFP reports.

While Washington said that the WHO will not receive any US funding, Berlin is distancing from such point of view. According to Angels Merkel, the WHO is an indispensable partner and “we support it in its mandate”.

Speaking in the Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, Merkel, who was frequently applauded during her address, urged a “clever and cautious” approach during the next phase of the coronavirus epidemic.

In her speech in the German parliament, the Chancellor reiterated that it’s not the end phase but still just the beginning. “We will be with it for a long time,” she said and added that she knows how difficult the restrictions are, it’s a challenge to democracy, it limits the human rights across the globe.

Despite the restrictions, Merkel urged to “maximum discipline”, saying it was the only route to “get back to living in security faster”. The German top official said as well that without it there was a higher likelihood of stop-start lockdowns. “We must not waste what has been achieved already,” Angela Merkel said.

Germany tries to return to normal pre-virus life

In fact, the coronacrisis became the biggest challenge since World War Two, for the life and health of people. Coping with the crisis, Berlin’s stresses that such a crisis has no historical model.

This week, Germany decided to ease some restrictions and to return to some kind of pre-virus life. However, Ms Merkel urged citizens to stay “determined” and said it would be a “crying shame” if the country which has been praised for its deft handling of the crisis fell into a “relapse”.

The question of how Europe, including Germany, can prevent the virus from overwhelming the health system and subsequently costing the lives of countless people, this question will for a long time be the central question for politics in EU.

To sum it up, Merkel showed her support for the WHO and reiterated that Europe must strengthen its capacity to produce specialised medical kit, instead of depending on global supplies, which are now very stretched.