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Merkel: Germany to start reopening its economy on April 20

Merkel: Germany to start reopening its economy on April 20

Germany’s economy was hard hit by the coronavirus but Angela Merkel announced that it is ready to start the gradual reopening of businesses across the country since April 20.

During Wednesday press conference, Chancellor Merkel has endorsed an idea of step-by-step easing lockdown measures in Germany, DW reports. According to the elaborated plan, the small shops and schools will be reopened, while the social distancing measures and strict hygiene conditions remain in place.

As Merkel said, society has to live with this until there is a proven vaccine. Actually, scientists suppose that sporadic social distancing may be necessary for the following two years unless effective medicine is found.

This week, Germany’s health authorities confirm that COVID-19 cases have reached a plateau and a death toll that has reached its peak is only a delicate, intermediate success.

Germany government’s plan anticipates small retailers will reopen next Monday, while schools will slowly follow in May. The pupils in their last years of primary and secondary school having the priority, said Chancellor. The non-essential business such as beauty salons could resume business as of May 4, provided that strict protective measures are followed.

Germany in post-COVID era: social distance, strict hygiene conditions remain in place

Despite the easing the antivirus measures in germany, gatherings remain prohibited and all sport and cultural activities will be banned until August 31. Until mid-May, strict border controls at the country’s borders will also remain in place.

As Merkel reiterated, “return to normality” could be facilitated by an app that will surveil the movements of recovered and healthy individuals. Masks are not mandatory, but “strongly recommended” in shops and on public transportation.

As of Thursday, Germany has recorded almost 135,000 cases and over 3,800 deaths.