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Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander have agreement not to discuss their relationship

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander is a beautiful and smart couple. They started to date in 2014 but from the very beginning promised to each other not to discuss their relationship. It is a private territory.

Michael Fassbender met Alicia Vikander on the set of their film ‘The Light Between Oceans’. Mutual sympathy reborn into love, since December 2014 Irish-German and Swedish actor are dating.

According to Michael, it is very important to keep the private life real private. The actors are opening in front of the camera every time he or she is playing the character. So, it would be pretty smart to have some private territory and personal life. He and Alicia are doing this way, they never talk about their relationships in public.

Michael Fassbender, family and career

Michael is real heartbreaker, but when asked if it was difficult being one-half of a famous couple, the 39-year-old replied it wasn’t. The secret of a successful relationship is an agreement that they ‘have chosen not to talk about their partnership’.

'Neither is willing to betray anything intimate': Michael Fassbender has revealed he and girlfriend Alicia Vikander have an agreement not to discuss their relationship in public

Michael had the romances before but he never was married. The marriage and family, however, means a lot for an actor. Mr Fassbender in his interview to Esquire did open up a little about his family – both living and deceased:

‘They’re very much a part of who I am.’

This year’s nomination for Oscar was a real milestone for the actor, Fassbender was and his lead performance in Steve Jobs became a scoop:

‘I always liked him. I never wanted to represent him in a vile way. When I watch [the film] now, I just see someone who found it difficult to come to terms with other people.’