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Michelle Obama supported Hillary Clinton

Michelle Obama supported Hillary Clinton

Michelle Obama and her husband are representing the Democratic party, so, they are supporting Hillary Clinton and her campaign ‘Stronger together’ stronger and stronger. On the eve of the 2016 Presidential election, Michelle Obama appeared in front of the audience in Winston-Salem, N.C. FLOTUS’ speech wasn’t long, the message regarding Hillary was clear and loud.

Michelle Obama supports Hillary Clinton, during the speech of the First Lady in Winston-Salem, she said, it could be forgiven for forgetting which Democrat is running for President. Michelle Obama received longer and more effusive praise from her partner on stage.

Last Thursday was the first time Hillary and Michelle Obama spoke on the same stage, and they played feel-good boosters more than antagonists to Republican candidate Donald Trump. Michelle Obama stressed in her speech:

“I am grateful for Hillary for her leadership, for her courage and for what she is going to do for this country. Thankfully Hillary is a policy wonk. When you are President, that is a good thing.”

The crowd liked a lot when these two women attacked Republican candidate, without mentioning his name, of course! They heavily criticised his language about women and the allegations against him about sexual assault that have accumulated in recent weeks.