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Migrating to Chile gets tougher for Haitians, Venezuelans

Migrating to Chile gets tougher for Haitians, Venezuelans

Chile’s President Sebastian Piñera announced a bill to regulate migratory flows, since April, 16, migrating to Chile is getting tougher for Haitians and Venezuelans who need to request a visa from the Chilean consulate in their countries, Santiago Times reported on Monday.

Chilean government tightens grip on migration process, starting mid-April, Haitians seeking to get into Chile will now need to request a visa from the Chilean consulate in Port-au-Prince. According to the Piñera office’s announcement,

“We want these people to enter Chile in accordance with our laws, integrate into our society, be a contribution to our country and realize their dreams of a better life […]”.

President also proposed a row of different measures, among them is required for Haitians a simple tourist consular visa, with the right to enter and stay in Chile for a maximum period of 30 days. Holders of this visa will not be able to work or earn money in Chile, and that is very concerning point for both Haitians and Venezuelans.

Chilean government totally agreed as well on the entry ban for persons with criminal records, the creation of a national migration service, mandatory application outside Chile for a temporary residence visa that will not be interchangeable with a tourist visa and a simplified eviction mechanism for offenders.

All these measures will come into effect, according to the Chilean media, as of April 23, 2018.