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NASA project reveals vulnerability of Greenland glaciers

NASA project reveals vulnerability of Greenland glaciers

The American glaciologists revealed the worrying data regarding the Greenland glaciers, the recent report of NASA specialists says that the oceans are melting Greenland, its coast-line suffers badly from the abnormally high temperature.

The glaciers of Greenland are located on 27,000 mile-long coastline, which is melting year to year so fast that the NASA scientists ask the only one question: how quickly are the oceans melting Greenland?

The joint project of NASA and Danish glaciologists from DTU Space has mapped almost all of Greenland’s coastal glaciers, during the five-year-long study the team mapped as well the surrounding sea floor, and ocean water temperatures, at an unprecedented level of detail.

The main aim of the joint study was the understanding of the volumes of an ice loss in Greenland, the scientists needed to know whether the ice loss is driven by warmer oceans melting glaciers from underneath as they flow into the sea. In other words, the NASA specialists want to understand: how fast sea level will rise around the world.

“We actually refer to the project as OMG, which stands for Oceans Melting Greenland, but we also call it the ‘Oh My God’ project, because it’s just so large,”

says project-partner René Forsberg from DTU Space. The journal Oceanography contains the detailed description of the joint project regarding the ice of Greenland.