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Netherlands enters new lockdown to curb Omicron spread

Netherlands enters new lockdown to curb Omicron spread

The Netherlands government approved the strict measure to avoid the spreading of the new variant Omicron. The EU country has entered into a tough lockdown, with non-essential shops, bars, restaurants, and other public places to close, Reuters said.

The curfew lasts from 5pm to 5am in most of the public places like shops, bars, and restaurants, which was introduced at the end of last month, and last until 14 January.

The Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that schools will also shut from Monday, and the lockdown will run until at least 14 January. According to the Dutch senior official, the restrictions are “unavoidable because of the fifth wave caused by the Omicron variant that is bearing down on us”.

The local media confirmed that the nationwide lockdown means that hairdressers and gyms will also shut their doors, and it will be enforced until 14 January.

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health reported a total of more than 2.9 million COVID cases since the start of the pandemic with 20,420 reported deaths. The institute also reported 14,616 new infections across 24 hours.

Meantime, many European governments have tightened travel restrictions, while the French capital has also cancelled its New Year’s Eve fireworks. France, Cyprus, and Austria preferred to announce the lockdowns as well.

Denmark has closed theatres, concert halls, amusement parks and museums over the Christmas period, and Germany’s regional health ministers have urged the government on Saturday to introduce stricter rules on visitors arriving from England.