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New robot FoldiMate can fold the laundry in seconds

New robot FoldiMate can fold the laundry in seconds

A new robot called FoldiMate can fold the laundry for your family. The appliance costs from $700 to $850 depending on specifications, and it’s able to maintain the perfect order in your laundry room. Several cycles of movement inside this robot – and voila! Your laundry pile’ll be folded. Robot FoldiMate is able for pre-order, so far it’s slated for a 2018 release.

Funny video on the Robot FoldiMate producer’s site shows the abilities of the new invented home appliance to keep the thing and laundry in order. A couple of manipulations inside the box robot makes the laundry folded and even ironed with some steam. No wrinkles just folded garments pile.

To make robot FoldiMate start to work, you need only fix your laundry on the metal railings and to push the button. After finishing the folding process full tray with piled garments ejected. So, time to pack the next portion of laundry into the FoldiMate, and so on. The machine is operating with pants, shirts, and towels. Lovely small garments, e.g. undies or socks will be folded by your hand, well, it’s an Oldschool, you know.

FoldiMate company will start producing the laundry robot in 2018, but if you’re interested, you can pre-order this cool appliance right now. Robot from san Francisco is 32in tall and 28in wide and can fit in most laundry rooms. Generally, it takes about 10 secs to fold an item and an extra 20 to 30 to steam wrinkles out.