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NZ expat working in healthcare in US fully vaccinated

NZ expat working in healthcare in US fully vaccinated

The vaccination, two shots of the COVID-19 jab, could make life easier and safer, decided one New Zealand expat in the US. Cameron Horsfall had already received both doses just three months before his native country announced its inoculation campaign.

Horsfall works in orthopaedics and is among the frontline healthcare workers in northeast Tennessee prioritised for vaccination. Commenting on the vaccination, Cameron Horsfall said he was always planning on getting it because it helps keep others safe. Just before the new year, the New Zealand expat​ received his first dose of the Pfizer BioNTech covid-19 jab. According to the plan, he received his second dose 21 days later.

Thus, Horsfall was fully inoculated in the US before New Zealand began its nationwide programme.

In Tennessee, around 20 per cent of people have received at least one dose, and just over 10 per cent are fully vaccinated, according to the New York Times. So far, the United States is on track to have administered 100 million doses by the end of month.