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Will President Obama endorse Hillary Clinton?

Will President Obama endorse Hillary Clinton?

The race for the Democratic nomination for the White House has reached a point when each endorsement can make a huge difference. Even though Hillary Clinton is seen as the favorite, she still has some issues that definitely need to be covered, like convincing young voters that she’s the best option. But this can be easily solved by, most likely, the biggest endorsement a candidate can receive…

We’re talking about President Barack Obama, who, some time ago, declared that he’s not willing to endorse a candidate in this year’s Democratic primary contests. Still, not just once he made positive comments regarding Hillary Clinton, comments which sounded sort of like an endorsement.

“She would make an excellent president!”

The former First Lady’s campaign has a very clear message: continuing Barack Obama’s policies, a fact that should make the President consider an endorsement. After all, it’s not a secret that the two have previously worked together in the Senate. Also, Barack Obama declared that Hillary Clinton was “an outstanding secretary of state”, while back in 2015, he said that “she would make an excellent president.”

Even more, in an interview for Politico, Barack Obama seems to criticize Bernie Sanders, despite not mentioning his name, by calling the Clinton campaign “more prose than poetry”. According to The Washington Post, this was a hint at the gap between Sanders’ rhetoric and his limited success at passing related legislation, says the same source.

Democratic donors were advise to support her

“I think that what Hillary presents is a recognition that translating values into governance and delivering the goods is ultimately the job of politics, making a real-life difference to people in their day-to-day lives,” Obama said.

Even more, last week, right before Hillary Clinton managed to win in an impressive number of states during Super Tuesday, Barack Obama praised her once again, at a fundraising event in Austin Texas.

To be more specific, while talking in front of a group of Democratic Donors, he said that Bernie Sanders’ campaign is close to its end and they should really consider uniting behind Clinton.

Despite making this statement, the President was very careful to avoid criticizing the Vermont Senator though, but pointed that an authentic candidate, such as Mr. Sanders, doesn’t necessarily make a good president, giving George W. Bush as an example.

Finally, he described Hillary Clinton as “smart, tough, and experienced”, promising she’d continue his administration’s work, says NY Mag.

Barack Obama won’t endorse Hillary Clinton. Yet…

OK, so the President won’t endorse any candidate in the Democratic primaries, but in our book, all these declarations he made about Hillary Clinton made it obvious that she’s the candidate he wants to see in his spot, starting with 2017.

Until now, he did exactly what he said, avoiding to officially offer his support for any candidate and his will maintain this attitude until the Democratic nomination for the White House will be announced. Of course, this will change right after this, as no matter who the candidate will be, President Barack Obama will offer all the support he can.