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Obama, ready to back up a candidate during State of the Union

Obama, ready to back up a candidate during State of the Union

In one year and eight days, President Barack Obama will finish his run at the White House. But until then, he’s determined to get things done, and maybe sustain a candidate that could carry on his legacy in his final State of the Union address on Tuesday, says CNN.

While some say that the commander in chief will argue in his final State of the Union address on Tuesday that America’s progress under his watch must be carried forward, others say about a speech, Obama’s last opportunity to grab an hour of uninterrupted prime time, in which the President would pass his legacy to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The President doesn’t want to have major future political role

Although he’s not ready to let go to his projects, Obama realised that he’s making plans for a future in which he will play no major political role. That means that he needs for the next leader at the White House to be on the same page with him. And while his administration said that Obama will not give an endorsment to neither candidate, Clinton could benefit from the President’s final speech on the State of Union on Tuesday.

“I want us to be able, when we walk out this door, to say, ‘We couldn’t think of anything else that we didn’t try to do … that we weren’t timid or got tired or somehow thinking about the next thing because there is no next thing’ “, said Barack Obama in a pre-State of the Union video released on Monday, according to the same source.

There are still issues that need to be solved in 2016

Barack Obama still has issues like global warming, economic inequality and the still-open Guantanamo Bay prison on his agenda and that could affect his relationship with the Democratic front-runner in the coming months. And while some of his project are still in the development stage, some of his greatest achievements, including health care reform, staying out of Middle East matters, gay rights and economic prosperity, could be in danger if a Democrat won’t win the White House spot.

Republicans have vowed to remove Obama’s key goals if their nominee will be elected President. Obamacare, a nuclear deal with Iran, executive actions shielding immigrants and policies designed to slow or reverse climate change will all be history. And although Obama met with Clinton’s Democratic rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, many expect the chief in charge to back up the former Secretary of State on Tuesday’s State of the Union address, claims CNN.

Bernie Sanders is sure that Obama will back up Hillary Clinton

“I think Barack Obama believes that it is incredibly important that Hillary Cinton succeeds him. The only way that we have an economy where people aren’t losing their health care is if Hillary Clinton becomes president.”, said a former close aide to Obama who is still connected with the White House, according to the same source.

But is there any tension between Obama and Clinton? “I think there is tension inherently because you have a president who is still president who has certain points that he wants to press and certain directions he wants to lead and he wants his successor to go”, said Jeff Shesol, a man who worked in the final years of the Clinton White House as a speechwriter, quoted by CNN. No matter the friction between them two, common goals are clearly a lot. Still, the question is: Will Barack Obama back up Hillary Clinton on Tuesday’s State of the Union?