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Occasional marijuana may boost men’s fertility, Harvard study suggests

Occasional marijuana may boost men’s fertility, Harvard study suggests

Smoking marijuana occasionally could be a rather useful thing for men’s fertility because the cannabinoids are stimulating sperm production, research by Harvard University revealed.

The scientists from Harvard University suggests that cannabis could improve men’s fertility, the analysis of more than 662 men revealed the positive impact of marijuana on the male organism. According to the statistics, men those who had never taken the cannabis were more than twice as likely to have sperm concentrations below a “normal” threshold.

While cigarette smoking is known to be a risk factor for both female and male infertility, smoking marijuana time to time (not on the regular basis) could improve the quantity of semen, said the publication in the journal Human Reproduction. The co-author Dr Jorge Chavarro, an associate professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, reiterated that their research did find that people who smoked marijuana in the past tended to have slightly higher sperm counts than people who smoked it currently.

Despite the results have taken the scientific community by surprise because previous research pointed to a negative effect for cannabis on fertility, the Harvard researchers pointed out that most studies have hitherto focused on heavy drug users or animals.

“There seems to be a lot going on in terms of legalization, but not an equally fast pace in terms of knowing what the health effects of marijuana might be,” Dr Chavarro says and adds the researchers are essentially operating on a very-little-data scenario so far.