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Pokemon Go may become a movie, at Legendary say

Pokemon Go may become a movie, at Legendary say

Detective Pikachu, a new character in the Pokemon universe, will become a main hero in the first Pokemon live-action film franchise. On Wednesday, ‘The Legendary’ and ‘The Pokemon Co.’ announced their launching the live-action movie with famous Pikachu. PikachuLast week whole the world is playing and catching the pokemons, and on the heels of Pokemon Go fever, studio ‘Legendary’ has closed a deal for the film rights for the fantastic Japanese property. The Pokemon Go creators anticipated a certain success of this new game, but such a game-fever became a real sensation. ‘The Legendary’ studio sealed a deal for film rights with the Japanese-based The Pokemon Co.

Pokemon Go may become a movie: Legendary

After launching the augmented reality game on July 6, Pokemon Go became a phenomenon in hours. The negotiation between ‘Legendary’ and ‘The Pokemon Co.’ has sped up as well. Hollywood sources report that ‘Netflix’ was extremely interested in the property too.

According to the latest info, ‘Universal Pictures’ will handle distribution of the live-action film about detective Pikachu wearing the hat a la Sherlock Holmes outside of Japan. Toho will handle distribution in Japan. Details on the plot and story of famous detective are keeping under wraps. In 2017, the film will be fast-tracked to start production.