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Prince death: Opioid painkillers found at singer’s home

Prince death: Opioid painkillers found at singer’s home

Prince’s death last spring became just a bolt from the blue, the 57-year-old music legend was found dead in a lift. The investigation showed that he died from an accidental overdose, and no-one has been charged over this death.

Year after the death of Prince, the unsealed court documents reveal that numerous opioid painkillers were found at home of the Purple Rain hitmaker. According to the Minnesota authorities, some pills discovered at Prince’s estate had prescriptions in the name of his friend and bodyguard. The celebrities often use the aliases in the hospitals or drug’s prescriptions, especially in Hollywood.

Minnesota court kept all Prince case court documents sealed, they were opened only a year after the death of the singer. According to the unsealed documents, there is no evidence about the source of the fentanyl that killed the singer on 21 April 2016. The 57-year-old songster kept at his complex the polls labelled “Watson 853” – the opioid painkiller acetaminophen-hydrocodone.

Prince performs in the UK, 2011

This drug helps to diminish pain from rheumatoid arthritis and coughs, and it wasn’t the only one drug found at the singer’s  place. The “numerous narcotic controlled substance pills” were discovered in various containers, including vitamin bottles. Prince was an opioid-addicted person, and this conclusion sounds pretty logical to the medical examiners.

The post-mortem report reads that Prince self-administered fentanyl, opioid many time more powerful than heroin.

Prince, 2006