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Russian, US diplomats signal desire to improve relations

Russian, US diplomats signal desire to improve relations

Both Russian and American top diplomats meeting became the first signal of the improving the relationships between two superpowers, Voice of America reported on Wednesday.

The Russian President met with the U.S. Secretary of State in Sochi to discuss “nearly every issue facing our two countries” on Tuesday, according to Sergey Lavrov, the top Russian diplomat. Despite there appeared to be no major breakthroughs, the meeting was productive.

Talking on meeting’s results, Mike Pompeo confessed he thinks Moscow and Washington officials “now can begin to work together” in a way to begin the process set out in a U.N. Security Council resolution that calls for a Syrian-led political transition with a cease-fire, new constitution and elections. The Middle East latest developments were one of the important foreign policy issues discussed on Tuesday.

While Russia has supported President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, the US has backed rebels who want to see Assad out of office.

“I’m not sure we have all the capacity of that, but I think we now have a common understanding of the places where we were hung up, which I think we can work our way through,” Pompeo said after the talks at Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Denuclearization of North Korea was a central issue of discussion

Russia and the US can work toward a common objective of a denuclearized North Korea, said Mike Pompeo. Among other topics, diplomats have discussed situation in Iran, Ukraine and Venezuela.

At a joint news conference with Lavrov following the talks, Pompeo said the United States is willing to rebuild its relationship with Russia, but it expects its Russian counterparts to act on it with all seriousness.

“President Trump’s made it clear that his expectation is that we have an improved relationship between our countries. This will benefit each of our people. And I think that our talks here today were a good step in this direction,” concluded the US Secretary of State.