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Saudi crown prince pledges to rid world of Islamist terror

Saudi crown prince pledges to rid world of Islamist terror

Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, made another move when claimed that he is going to rid the world of Islamist terrorism. To confirm his such intention, he even launched a military alliance.

The political experts criticised the recent launching of the military alliance, launched by Mohammed bin Salman. According to the Prince’s opponents, it will deepen rifts between the kingdom and its arch-rival Iran.

Saudi crown prince was tagged as an architect of an increasingly assertive regional policy, especially after his statement on Sunday. In his address, young progressive royal said that the new Islamic coalition signalled greater military, political and financial co-operation against terrorism after years of poor co-ordination among Muslim states.

“Today we began tracking down terrorism and we see its defeat in many countries of the world, especially in Islamic countries,”

Prince Mohammed told an inaugural meeting of coalition defence ministers in Riyadh.

“We will pursue it until it disappears completely from the surface of the earth.”

Prince Mohammed has vowed to restore moderate Islam in the kingdom, he vouched for the support of the young generation of Saudis, and that is very wise. The launch of the alliance follows Friday’s jihadist attack on a mosque in Egypt that left more than 300 people dead. According to Mohammad bin Salman, the greatest danger of radicalism lays in distorting the reputation of our tolerant Middle East.

The counter-terrorism coalition is largely drawn from Sunni-led states, with Shia-dominated powers such as Iran and Iraq not included. The alliance said its aim was to fight terrorism, denying that it was opposed to any cult or country.

Rivalries between Iran and Saudi Arabia are playing out in proxy battles across the region. Saudi Arabia and its allies are in the third year of a war in Yemen that has descended into a stalemate with more than 10,000 deaths and a looming famine.