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Scientists in Norway recommend use seaweed instead of salt: SALTO project

Scientists in Norway recommend use seaweed instead of salt: SALTO project

Norwegian researchers and their project SALTO has the one aim–to cut down the table salt consumption. The problem of consuming of too much sodium chloride NaCl (common table salt) is a serious threat to Norwegians. SALTO researchers offer to use a seaweed instead of salt, that can be a solution that could improve public health.

In Norway, the seaweed is not a problem, it grows along the shore. To Norwegians, who tend to eat twice as much salt as recommended by WHO, cutting down of the sodium chloride such a salt substitution could be a great chance to long their lives. According to the WHO, the salt is a necessary food ingredient, but regular and high sodium daily consumption may end with the cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

The scientists from SALTO are cooperating with the food industry to produce three common foods using less salt NaCl because this food Norwegians eat on a daily basis. The scientists’ target is to decrease the sodium chloride appearance in these three foods by 30 to 40 percent. According to independent Norwegian research organization Kirsti Greiff:

“You can’t just cut down the salt by these quantities. We need to add replacements for salt.”

New food must have a less salt without wrecking its taste. The researchers offered to use the seaweed as a substitute for salt. Why not: saltwater algae is full a naturally salty taste and contain a wonderful package of chemical elements, which are extremely useful for a human organism. Now the scientists are trying to create the product that can be used industrially as a replacement for salt.