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Sex education is failing teenagers around the world

Sex education is failing teenagers around the world

The researchers from the University of Bristol proved that sex education is failing young people around the world. A new study of British psychologists tells that teenagers from Norway to Japan feels the same–they embarrassed, and teachers of SexEd are poorly prepared. Moreover, the lesson plan at the school-based sex and relationship education (SRE) is outdated.

Sex Education, this lesson is very embarrassing not only pupils but the teachers too. This situation is the same at any corner of the world, say the recent research of Bristol scientists. They published results of a study in the journal  BMJ Open.

The lead author Pandora Pound (University of Bristol) shares in the publication with the teenagers’ opinions on their experience with school-based sex education lessons. The kids say a SexEd course content is outdated and narrow focused, often the lessons leave the negative feeling. And the same things describing the teenagers from around the world.

Pandora Pound notes that teachers are trying to teach SexEd in the same way as maths, literature or history. So, the SexEducation awareness in the schools is not effective as it should be:

“Schools need to acknowledge that sex is a potentially embarrassing and anxiety provoking topic. At present schools don’t take account of this when the delivery of SRE.”