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Spain: Migrants held in poor conditions

Spain: Migrants held in poor conditions

Spain authorities are not capable of making the refugees hotspots and police facilities comfortable for a living: in Motril, Almería, and Málaga migrants live in the substandard conditions, according to the Human Rights Watch (HRW). 

The activists from the HRW visited the facilities in Motril and Almeríain in May and found that the conditions of living over there are substandard. The refugees have large, poorly lit cells with thin mattresses on the floor, while Málaga police station has an underground jail with no natural light or ventilation.

Motril and Almeríain are first ports where the migrants and asylum seekers arrive by sea, the Spanish shores are not able to host such a large quantity of the guests. The longer-term immigration detention facilities where the refugees are waiting for possible deportation are dark and uncomfortable.

“Dark, cage-like police cells are no place to hold asylum seekers and migrants who reach Spain. Spain is violating migrants’ rights, and there is no evidence it serves as a deterrent to others,”

Judith Sunderland, HRW associate Europe and Central Asia director, said.

The refugee crisis in Spain is deepening

The refugee crisis in Spain is increasing despite all efforts of the European community. According to the International Organization for Migration, 7,847 people reached Spanish shores (January 1 – July 26, 2017) compared with 2,476 during the same period in 2016. The number of asylum seekers significantly increased, and the crisis is deepening.

The asylums and their families are travelling to mainland Spain by boat, after reaching the shore, they are detained by police for up to 72 hours in hotspots for identification and processing. The majority of adult men and women are then sent to an immigration detention center for a maximum of 60 days, pending deportation.

If they cannot be deported they are released but have no legal right to remain and are under obligation to leave the country.