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Spain reopens from COVID-19 with bullfights

Spain reopens from COVID-19 with bullfights

The traditional Spanish fest, a bullfight, will be soon able to watch live. While the country is recovering from COVID-19, the business and entertainment restarts, Bloomberg reports.

Following several months of the nationwide lockdown, Spaniards could indulge themselves with the national bullfight. However, the Spanish people will still have to wait to fully enjoy the country’s famous nightlife.

On June 8, the open-air bullrings will be allowed to operate across Spain, according to the new rules published on the Official Gazette Saturday. In regions of Spain that are entering the second stage of lockdown-easing, no more than 400 spectators will be allowed in, and in the regions entering the third and last phase, the limit will be 800.

The areas entering the final stage include about half of its population. Stage three will also allow night clubs and bars, whose density in many Spanish cities is among the world’s highest, to go back to business. Capacity will be limited to one-third of normal. It is worth to note that the dance floors will have to be reconverted and filled with tables instead. Meanwhile, casinos and game halls may also reopen at half of their capacity.

Spain is one of the nations that have been hardest-hit by the novel virus epidemic, according to the World Health Organization.

Pedro Sanchez’s government reacted implementing one of the world strictest lockdowns starting in March. It’s, now set to be fully lifted three months later at the end of June. During the height of the restrictions, Spaniards could leave home for only a few reasons, including grocery shopping, and they couldn’t exercise outdoors.

The new rules also entail further relaxations for Madrid and Barcelona, the country’s largest cities, which will enter the second stage. For instance, passengers in trains and buses will no longer need to keep an empty seat between each other to avoid the possible spreading of the infection.