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Swiss Nestle launches vegan alternative to tuna

Swiss Nestle launches vegan alternative to tuna

Swiss food giant Nestle’s a new plant-based tuna alternative “Garden Gourmet” comes as support for vegetarians. Ahead of a global rollout, the Swiss producer diversifies traditional eating at home during the lockdown.

Nestle has known globally for its bouillon cubes, however, the food corporation is ready to answer the new challenges. This week, the Swiss giant has been investing in plant-based food to make its prepared dishes unit trendier and more appealing to consumers wishing to lower their meat intake.

The new plant-based tuna alternative “Garden Gourmet” made with pea protein will be available in glass jars in the chilled aisle of Swiss supermarkets. The new tuna is perfect for using in salads, sandwiches and pizzas. In addition, ready-to-eat sandwiches will also be sold in some stores.

The idea of vegetarian food is extremely popular in Asia, many Chinese food plants are expanding their sales of meat for vegans. In Switzerland, Nestle plans to make its “Garden Gourmet” a good tradition, taking into account the unexpected popularity of recent eating-home mode.

Nestle said last month that increased at-home consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic boosted demand for its Garden Gourmet plant-based products in the first half of 2020.

Developed within nine months by Nestle’s Swiss research facilities, the tuna is the group’s first plant-based seafood product to hit the market. Soy-based burgers, mincemeat, sausages and chicken nuggets are already available.

The food giant’s sales of plant-based meat alternatives reached around 200 million Swiss francs ($218.7 million) last year.