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Ted Cruz could revive his campaign!

Ted Cruz could revive his campaign!

After a disappointing result in Indiana, Ted Cruz decided that it’s time for his campaign to come to an end, so he announced that he is suspending it. Like expected, Donald Trump was the happiest after this announcement was made, as it was just a matter of time for him to be named as the GOP’s nominee for the White House race.

No love at all for Trump

Unlike multiple Republican candidates who suspended their campaigns, Ted Cruz refused to support any of the remaining candidates – John Kasich hasn’t made an announcement about the future of his campaign yet – and today, in a radio interview with Glenn Beck, the Texas senator claimed that he might as well be back in the game.

Ted Cruz said that there are still two months left until the Republican National Convention and six more until the general election, so “we need to watch and see what the candidates say and do”. Also, he mentioned the possibility of him resurrecting his campaign, despite being just one week since he dropped out.

Usually, all Republicans should commit to supporting the party’s nominee for the general elections, but, like mentioned above, Ted Cruz doesn’t plan to do so, considering the multiple attacks Donald Trump launched against him and his family. We will also mention the moment when Trump called Heidi Cruz unattractive or when he accused Ted Cruz’s father of being involved n the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Ted Cruz still has a bit of optimism left

But back to his campaign’s revival, shortly after the Indiana results were announced, Ted Cruz said that he no longer saw a path forward to winning the nomination, but now his opinion seems to be different! “If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly,” he told Glenn Bleck. And what if we told you that he might have an ace hidden in his sleeve?

Even though Donald Trump is the only candidate left, there are a lot of Cruz supporters who will have a huge influence on the Republican National convention, holding control of crucial committees, like the ones who write the convention rules and design the GOP’s platform, says The Guardian.

Is he preparing a bigger surprise?

The Texas Senator made it clear though, a return to the presidential bid is very unlikely, but he’s still considering. “I’m not holding my breath,” he said, when asked what he will do in the eventuality of obtaining a good result in Nebraska, this Tuesday.

Also, Ted Cruz dismissed the possibility of him running as or supporting a third-party candidate in November, says The Guardian. “I don’t think that’s very likely,” he said. “It’s always talked about; I don’t think it’s something that’s likely to happen.”