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The compostable packaging are created from sustainably-sourced farmed seaweed

The compostable packaging are created from sustainably-sourced farmed seaweed

A single use plastics could be replaced soon with edible food packaging made from kelp, says material science company B’ZEOS. The Norwegians have invented the brand-new kind of packaging, compostable. 

In its statement, B’ZEOS says it is standing for bio-based, zero waste, edible, marine origin, and soluble packaging, Springwise reports. In addition, it is edible because was made from farmed kelp. In other words, seaweed’s environmental credentials and its edibility are making the plant an increasingly attractive material to businesses in many industries.

Using green manufacturing processes and renewably sourced biomaterials, B’ZEOS is working with global corporations to replace single use plastics with seaweed-based alternatives.

An edible drinking straw became their first product. Thanks to the partnership with Nestle and Aitiip, grant from Plastisea, the company reinvented the packaging idea. Seaweed does not require any fertilisation, pesticides or fresh water, the engineers say. Therefore, it makes it such an perfect alternative to other, land-grown or crop-based, biomaterials.

As biomaterial seaweed has the brightest commercial perspectives. First of all, that marine plant is incredibly effective at sequestering carbon while it grows, meaning that large-scale farming of the plant provides ecobenefits.

Taking into account the advantages of seaweeds, B’ZEOS’s processes do not use any toxic chemicals, and the formula for each type of packaging depends on the final use.