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Theresa May set to postpone Brexit vote

Theresa May set to postpone Brexit vote

For UK Prime Minister, Brexit becomes a stumbling block, reportedly, Theresa May is going even to postpone a vote on her Brexit deal. As British media reported on Monday, the UK parliament was due to vote on May’s deal on Tuesday.

Despite the possible delay of the Brexit vote, Ms May’s decision move is being viewed as an admission that parliament was likely to reject the deal. While the British PM has decided to put the decision on hold, she is set to give a statement. Her speech to the House of Commons at 3.30 PM is the most anticipated one, the British media reported.

So far, Downing Street has not yet confirmed the delay in the official statement, although the journalists had multiple sources saying the vote would not go ahead on Tuesday as planned. All this situation has a great impact on the British pound, the currency tumbled to its lowest level since June 2017 amid market fears of the no-deal. UK’s exit from the EU without a deal will have unexpected consequences.

‘Leave means leave’

Brexit process caused a lot of problems, and i a separate development on Monday, a European Court of Justice ruling said the UK did not need the EU’s permission if it wanted to unilaterally cancel its Brexit plans before March 29th.