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Thousands of Austrians take part in COVID sceptic rallies

Thousands of Austrians take part in COVID sceptic rallies

Austrian police have reported the mass rallies of the sceptics who gathered in the different cities across the country. More than 4,000 people turned out for the latest demonstrations against coronavirus measures on Wednesday, The Local Austria has learned.

Peoples in several Austrian towns and cities on Wednesday taken part in the protest meetings against the COVID-19 restrictions. To counter them, the government considered measures.

Police reported the presence of “extremists and radicals” elements at one such gathering, a feature of previous demonstrations that is increasingly worrying the authorities.

Until Jan 24, Austria is in its third coronavirus lockdown. And people are tired of almost a one year of restrictions. The biggest demonstration took place in the town of Wiener Neustadt, where 2,500 participants have gathered. Police arrested over there several people for breaches of anti-coronavirus measures.

About a thousand protesters gathered in the town of Amstetten and 500 in the southern town of Judenburg. Meantime, smaller protests were reported in several other cities and towns in different parts of Austria.

Local police say several of them are now being investigated for having allegedly raised their arms in Nazi salutes. Additionally, in the capital Vienna, about 2,000 protesters gathered for one protest rally on Sunday.