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Tom Hiddleston set to reunite with Ben Wheatley for comic book adaptation

Tom Hiddleston set to reunite with Ben Wheatley for comic book adaptation

Tom Hiddleston is ready dor the next role, this time the British actor will reunite with Ben Wheatley, together they are going to adapt another comic book ‘Hard Boiled’. Mr Hiddleston had worked with this director in 2015 while the set of ‘High Rise’.

Tom Hiddleston will appear in a film adaptation of Frank Miller’s comic book ‘Hard Boiled’. The British actor is glad to work again with Ben Whitley. According to the main idea of the new film, the character of Hiddleston is a tax collector who working in a dystopian Los Angeles. He lost his memory and has flashbacks of a previous life.

The comic-book-movie will be shown on the big screen, the British filmmaker Wheatley is now poised to sign up to the project and is set to bring his High Rise leading man with him.

The Hollywood trend of making the movies based on the comic book is frightening, and the critics are terrified with the using gifted actors in such an unclever and flat films, the only advantage of which are special effects.

Earlier, the movie ‘Hard Boiled’ was going to direct David Fincher, and the leading role should have Nicholas Cage.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston in the ‘Night manager’, the miniseries with Hugh Laurie

Tom Hiddleston spent a very successful year, in January the Scottish actor achieved mainstream attention after releasing the BBC spy drama ‘The night manager’, this John Le Carre’s book as a miniseries with Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston became a real event. Tom’s role in Thor: Ragnarok in recent months added popularity to the actor.

Wheatley is gearing up to release the eagerly-awaited Free Fire next year, which features an all-star cast, led by Cillian Murphy, Brie Larson and Armie Hammer.